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Digital Investment Solutions Trading and offering services globally to satisfy our clients needs, we deliver investment products technology and tools to help people meet their spending needs build wealth and retire well. The new volatile economic regime provides different yet abundant investment opportunities to those who know where to look. Persistent production constraints have central banks keeping interest rates high despite the trend we still find innovative solutions to meet our clients needs, our well trained and qualified experts utilize Artificial Intelligence in forcasting, trading and investing in profitable Markets.


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Benefit from trading at zero commission and Instant withdrawals within 24 hours.

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As a Fast growing recognized brokerage Company Bttrade International offers Financial investments services for professionals and beginners looking for opportunities to earn from the digital market, stocks, realestate, commodities, crypto and more We provide solutions to meet people's Financial needs We excel and compete in a growing brokerage market, diversifying into different sectors to meet our objectives and to stay ahead of our competitors.

Fully Licensed & Registered

Fully Registered With EU License To function and operate Globally by trading investors funds in return for profits with Insurance Coverage On Investors Capital.

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We always uphold the highest level of integrity in discharging our duties. We seek to create value for our clients by constantly looking for innovative solutions throughout the investment process.



  • Mutual Funds
  • Retirement & IRAs
  • Stocks and Trading
  • Crypto
  • Direct Indexing
  • Fixed Income, Bonds & CDs
  • ETFs
  • Options
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Cash Management & Credit Cards
  • Managed Accounts
  • Educational Savings
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance & Long Term Care
  • Lombard loans

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Our goal is to establish long term mutually beneficial relationship between our clients and us.

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Our Minimum investment amount is $108

We accept cryptocurrency deposits and payments for fast global deposits and payments
bitcoin, ethereum and usdt


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DDoS & CSS-compliant ensuring the safety of clients data and funds, We adhere strictly to privacy laws of operational countries including global acts, our clients personal information are confidential this is to protect the interest of all parties from data theft or hacks.


100% insurance coverage on investment capital, this protects investors investment capital against risks of loss from market volatility in the form of non payment of amounts due to investors resulting from eventualities expropriation or unforeseen risks. The insurance covers up to 95% of the investors capital or asset.


Clients says about us

Investors' review about our company

  • andrew warne

    I kept money in the bank for the first 8 years of my career as a surgeon, but in 3 years of investing with BT TRADE, I've been able to raise my savings by over 100%. Isn't that amazing.

  • jenifer lawrence

    My investment with BT TRADE helped me pay off my home loan and more importantly see my daughter through the Paris-Sud School of Medicine France.

  • Koume Abou

    depuis que j'ai commencé à investir, j'ai beaucoup profité financièrement.j'ai depuis recommandé à ma famille et mes amis de bénéficier de cette plateforme.

  • Ole Valmbruso.A Investment analysts

    As a professional in the field of investments utilizing this platform gives added security on returns even on risky investments

  • Marsielle Cristobal

    je n'ai eu qu'à payer une somme modique pour mon gestionnaire de portefeuille professionnel personnel et cela a considérablement doublé mes rendements sur investissement, c'est un bon moyen de faire fructifier toute épargne en peu de temps.

  • Micheal balson

    Top notch investment company You're the best I've invested with I'd recommend you any day any time.

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